Worcestershire LEP Annual Conference 2017
Author, Alchemist, Catalyst
Founder and CEO, The Envisioners  
Addressing the intersection of modern society technology through his public speaking and published work, Dave is spearheading the development of the UK’s IT and digital industries by helping people to understand and aspire to greater outcomes from the use of technology.
Dave is an authority in the industry, on a broad range of topics and a regular contributor in UK and Pan-EMEA media including the BBC, The Telegraph and The Guardian on topics from the future of education, privacy and on-line safety, right through to the Big Data rock stars and the impact of Machine Learning.
Technology geekdom is in Dave’s DNA. He’s a life-long Star Trek fan and a former Crystal Maze winner: all these attributes combine to make him the friendly, approachable, optimistic, beardy, pony-tailed alchemist.
“We need strategies and tools that help us better to cope with information – and focus on what matters. But how do we sift through what’s important and what’s not? How do we decide when to tune in, and when to tune out?”
The Rise of the Humans, Dave Coplin, 2014
With over 25 years in the technology industry (and through his former “day job” as “Chief Envisioning Officer” at Microsoft) Dave is at the forefront of conversations around how individuals and organisations can benefit from the transformational potential that technology offers, rather than simply using it to do the same things, but only slightly better.
One of the most influential people in the digital industry, he was nominated as one of the Drum’s Digerati (2013, 2014) BIMA’s Hot 100 (2013) and the Digital Marketing Show’s “Class of 2014”. Bringing much-needed new and exciting thinking to the world of work, Dave’s books Business Reimagined and The Rise of the Humans discuss the need to rethink how we use technology to make it work for us, not against us. The books sold over 12,500 copies in the past year and Dave is working on his next book.
Business Reimagined: why work isn’t working and what you can do about it (Harriman House 2013)
The Rise of the Humans: How to outsmart the digital deluge (Harriman House 2014)
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